Seksenler – 57.Bölüm Tek Parça

Öncelikle büyük bir teşekkür ederim. 1000+ kisi benim blog makale “Salı Günü Seksenler Dizisinde Andy Boyns Var!” bakmış. 57. Bölüm yayın dan sonra çok güzel notlar bana geldi. Teşekkürler.

Bu makale hala çeviremedim… kusura bakmayın – ilerde yapacağım….

First of all a huge thanks to the 1000+ people who checked out my article last week, “Andy Boyns Goes Back to the 80′s in TV Role!”, and especially those who were able to watch the broadcast on Tuesday and sent their generous feedback.

For those who weren’t able to catch the broadcast on TRT1 (the episode will be reprised this Tuesday, 9 April at 7.50pm on TRT1), MinT Productions have made it available on YouTube, so here it is in its full glory!

Seksenler 57.Bölüm Tek Parça

The visiting tourist (me! See below for approx entry times) appears to have lost both his bag and his way…
As he, and the locals, struggle with a language barrier see how helpful and friendly they are – even bringing out the best china for the first time in his honour…

For those of you reading this who have never visited Turkey, you may not appreciate the brilliance of the script. Oftentimes the best comedy is adjacent to reality, and in the 12 years I’ve lived in Istanbul I’ve experienced the generous hospitality shown to foreigners here, alongside the humorous misunderstandings!! Even yesterday when I was visiting a neighbourhood in the heart of the city and asked directions (at a balloon shop!) explaining that I couldn’t check from my phone because its charge had finished, I was invited to sit a while, put my phone on charge and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat. Fortunately I now know Turkish well enough to do that. I love it here!

To help those of you who are linguistically challenged, but would like to see my role in Episode 57 of Seksenler (from the video above) here are some approximate timing to help you… I would however encourage you to watch the whole video, imagining yourself as a visitor, and see how much you can understand from body language and tone of voice. Since when I came here I spoke no Turkish, these were skills I had to rapidly acquire… it’s not so hard, really.

Approx Entry times (Scenes with Tom the Tourist):

  • 03:56
  • 10:23
  • 16:18
  • 22:00
  • 29:32
  • 34:06
  • 37:22-51:46 (very short gaps between scenes)
  • 53:24-56:04
  • 57:06
  • 58:28-1:00:39


Seksenler Her Salı 19:50′ de Yepyeni Bölümleriyle TRT 1’de…

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