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Cutting Edge Voiceover Recording Technology

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re going to want a piece of this awesome technology specially designed for the voice actor on the go! This summer, having worked hard on their development, Mehmet Onur and I took the Peepers for a spin, and as you can see from the clip below the user experience and results are both awesome. Guided by the voice of our very own Anne Ganguzza, the Peepers have taken into account all the voice actor’s needs from providing an easy Read More +

Cloud Storage Update

If you want to pay for cloud storage, don’t read this. If you love amazing free opportunities read on!! Last year I blogged about a 50GB cloud storage offer from Box, but thanks to a great heads up from Dave Courvoisier, here’s an offer which is potentially huge in comparison (as if that wasn’t enough). Copy.com has recently launched, is a service not dissimilar to Dropbox, and their current sign-up deal is amazing… https://copy.com?r=r8anV0 Copy.com is currently offering 15GB for sign up plus an extra Read More +

Cloud Storage: 50GB free!!!

Sitting next to me is a redundant stack of CDs and DVDs, once my preferred method of backing up data. I’ve kept tabs on the various forms of cloud storage, and want to draw your attention to a 50 GB of FREE storage via Box.net First, cloud storage is a great way to back up data, either for security or to enable you to access your files from different computers or devices. Flash drives are great, but can you really trust them? External drives are Read More +