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Podcast: Kurt Kelly

“Voice of Experience”, Kurt Kelly gives an enjoyable insight into the person behind the voice in this interview recorded during his visit to Istanbul, Turkey earlier this summer. Download Podcast: Conversation with Kurt Kelly (right click “…save target as…”) [audio:acaba17_Kurt_Kelly.mp3|titles=interview_with_Kurt_Kelly] [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba17_Kurt_Kelly.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with Kurt Kelly Andy: OK. We’re back in Istanbul, and yet another guest has come over specially to talk with me… Kurt: Exactly! Andy: …and sitting with me here is Kurt Kelly, who’s come over from to Istanbul for the week Read More +

VOICE 2012 announced!

At last! The news we’re been eagerly anticipating…. dates and venue for VOICE 2012! Here’s today’s Press Release from event producers, James Alburger and Penny Abshire: PRESS RELEASE World’s only voiceover convention announces 2012 dates San Diego, CA – The Executive Producers of the VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE), James R. Alburger & Penny Abshire, announced today that the VOICE Convention (now in its fourth year) will be held at the Disneyland® Hotel and Resort in Anaheim, California June 13th-16th, 2012. A star-studded Red Carpet Read More +

The Oscars Petition Gets A Voice

Voices.com recently teamed up with a group of voice actors to create a public service announcement for the petition encouraging the Academy of Arts and Sciences to introduce a Voiceover Performance category at the Oscars. Voice actor Andy Boyns originally brought up the idea of a PSA in a conversation with Voices.com Social Media Manager, Ashley Hall. Together they approached Pablo Hernandez, a voice actor with previous experience creating PSAs, to discuss the idea and assemble a cast. Download : Oscars VO Petition PSA (right Read More +

Herb Merriweather – the Person Behind the Voice

In this podcast interview Herb Merriweather talks about his inspirations in voice over, creating characters, preparation, challenges, and why in addition to developing as a successful voice artist he also gives his time to help others. Download Podcast: Conversation with Herb Merriweather (right click “…save target as…”) [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba14_Herb_Merriweather.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with Herb Merriweather Andy: OK, just before leaving LA, we’ve come to Hollywood, California, to come and see where so many of the artsts of today and the past have been as well, and Read More +

Two for One

For me, one of the wonders of our age is that location is no longer an issue in relation to communication, and that in turn links to friendships and work. However, when I think of my global contacts I like to understand where they are in their day, as this affects how we will communicate. On her recent Vox Daily blog, Stephanie Ciccarelli reveals how I manage this using a Yahoo Widget, “World Time Digital Clock“. Read her article here: http://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily/2010/09/do_you_keep_voices-com_time.html If time is the Read More +

Podcast: Marc Cashman

In this podcast interview Marc Cashman talks about how wearing several hats makes him a member of the 1% club (nb he is not a milliner!), and how he progressed to this point. We discuss the importance of acting, and above all, the enjoyment of his work. Download Podcast: Conversation with Marc Cashman (right click “…save target as…”) [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba13_Marc_Cashman.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with Marc Cashman Andy: VOICE 2010 has been a wonderful experience for me because I’ve got to meet many people whose names I’ve Read More +

Podcast: Lofty Fulton

In this podcast interview Lofty Fulton talks about the benefits of creating international voiceover connections, voiceover from an Australian perspective, and becoming a big voice in a small world. We had fun! Download Podcast: Conversation with Lofty Fulton (right click “…save target as…”) [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba12_Lofty_Fulton.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with Lofty Fulton Andy: Well, they say the life of an actor is a pretty cool one, and where better to be than Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood. We’re just down the road from Beverley Hills, sitting Read More +

Podcast: John Florian

In this podcast interview, fresh from receiving the VOICE Community Award, John Florian talks about his journey into voiceover, and how this passion combined with his background in journalism led him to develop the industry news resource, VoiceOverXtra. Download Podcast: Conversation with John Florian (right click “…save target as…”) [audio:acaba10_John_Florian.mp3|titles=interview_with_John_Florian] [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba10_John_Florian.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with John Florian Andy: We’re just here at the end of VOICE 2010, and I’m delighted to have… to be sitting with John Florian now. Hi John. John: How are you, Read More +

Podcast: John Garry

In this interview from VOICE 2010, John Garry talks about understanding your capabilities – finding your guy – and gives some great advice. It was a privilege to have this conversation with John after a busy session at the conference, a great inspiration. Belief. People. Action. Thanks, John. Download Podcast: Conversation with John Garry (right click “…save target as…”) [audio:acaba09_John_Garry.mp3|titles=interview_with_John_Garry][podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba09_John_Garry.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with John Garry Andy: OK. Well, we’re here at VOICE 2010 in Los Angeles, and this evening we’ve just had a session Read More +

Podcast: Bobbin Beam

In this podcast interview recorded at VOICE 2010, Bobbin Beam talks about the lure of the microphone, creativity, personal development, and why you should dream big (this tip gives me goosebumps). An entrepreneur at age 8, Bobbin’s career has gone from strength to strength, and it was a pleasure to have this chance to talk with her during a break in the conference. Download Podcast: Conversation with Bobbin Beam (right click “…save target as…”) [audio:acaba08_Bobbin_Beam.mp3|titles=interview_with_Bobbin_Beam] [podcast]http://andyboyns.com/audio/acaba08_Bobbin_Beam.mp3[/podcast] Transcript of conversation with Bobbin Beam Andy: OK. Well Read More +