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VOICE 2010 (Voice Over International Creative Experience) is a conference for voice actors which will be held in LA from 2 – 5 June 2010. VOICE is the first-ever conference dedicated to raising the standards of voiceover through a combination of education, technology and community. The first two iterations of the event have hosted attendees from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia in addition to all parts of the United States.

This opportunity comes at a great time as in addition to studio work I am now also produce voiceovers internationally from my home studio via the internet. The conference will be both educational and provide good networking possibilities, and the chance to meet many of the voice actors with whom I’ve become connected.

International travel and accommodation doesn’t come cheap, that’s whay I’ve created this page to ask if you can help me. I estimate that my total costs are in the region of 2500USD.

Could you “buy” me a coffee?

As a friend, could you spare the cost of a couple of coffees? If 250 people could find just $10 my problem is solved! (or 50 people with $50…. You get the idea!)

Corporate Sponsorship

Alternatively, I am also actively seeking corporate sponsors. Could you help me to connect with a company who could make a larger donation? Perhaps to sponsor my travel or hotel costs?

Of course the donor of any such sponsorship should meet with some benefit, and I would be willing to offer my voice services (eg to record some advertisements, corporate presentation, or training materials, etc), or to participate in any other form of publicity they would wish (eg an article in a company magazine, or linking to advertising with the conference, for which various opportunites exist, etc)…

The VOICE2010.com website home page has a video which describes the event very well, and should answer any questions a potential sponsor may have. I would of course be delighted to provide further details, too.

Contacts and Bank details…

The PayPal link above is a great, simple way to make a quick donation by credit card. Alternatively please drop me an email at andyboyns@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to send you bank details for either my UK or Turkish bank accounts.

Please feel free to share my request with anyone who might be willing to help, and contact me if there is anything I can do to reward your generosity.

Thank you… Andy

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