The Person Behind the Voice

Andy BoynsA series of conversational interviews with voice artists and others involved in the voiceover industry. Unlike other podcasts, rather than look at the techniques of voice acting, “the Person Behind the Voice” seeks to learn what inspires, challenges, or motivates these amazing people.

If you’re curious about how someone became successful in their career, and wonder how you can get there too, then this is the podcast for you. These conversations highlight the many different ways people have advanced in their chosen profession, and serve to remind us when challenging the demons within that others have probably had similar experiences.

With profound thanks to all those listed below who have generously shared their journeys…

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  • Bill farmer
    Bill Farmer icon16-video 

    For someone who started off as a “shy, shy kid” Bill Farmer’s come a long way, and entertained millions in both his role as a voice artist, and a stand up comic. Listen up as several of the characters he’s voiced drop in to share with the fun!


  • Bob Bergen
    Bob Bergen icon16-audio 

    Bob Bergen talks about his passion for voice acting, why voice artists need to continually develop their skills, and the excitement he still feels when auditioning for a job… oh, and lots more! In a word, “cool”!


  • Bob Souer
    Bob Souer icon16-audio 

    Bob Souer describes how his voice over career started and developed. He provides some useful suggestions on how to approach copy, as well as a couple of tips on how to get the most from VOICE2010.


  • Bobbin Beam
    Bobbin Beam icon16-audio 

    Bobbin Beam talks about the lure of the microphone, creativity, personal development, and why you should dream big. An entrepreneur at age 8, Bobbin’s career has gone from strength to strength. Recorded at VOICE 2010.


  • Dave Courvoisier
    Dave Courvoisier icon16-audio 

    Dave Courvoisier talks about his passions for broadcasting and voice overs, his love of the voice over community, the importance of setting standards… and much more! Recorded during VOICE 2010, this was a long anticipated conversation.


  • Dave Fennoy
    Dave Fennoy icon16-video 

    Dave Fennoy describes how when told there were already enough people in voice-over his inner determination responded with “You’re going to get one more dammit!”. An inspirational person live from his home studio in Los Angeles.


  • Diane Havens
    Diane Havens icon16-audio 

    Diane Havens talks about how she started in theatre and education, and then with a change in family circumstances and the desire to return to performance while working from home developed her niche in voice over. She also shares some of the background to the highly acclaimed “Hear the Bill” project which she co-founded.


  • George Whittam
    George Whittam icon16-audio 

    George Whittam talks about his early interest in music technology has led him to become today one of the most sought after sources of technical support for voice artists.  We discuss how this developed through some fortunate breaks, and the exciting development of the DLF VO lab, which he designed…


  • Herb Merriweather
    Herb Merriweather icon16-audio 

    Herb Merriweather talks about his inspirations in voice over, creating characters, preparation, challenges, and why in addition to developing as a successful voice artist he also gives his time to help others.


  • James Alburger
    James Alburger icon16-audio 

    James Alburger describes his many roles in, and background to voice acting, and explains why we should “stay in character”. His conversation includes interesting insights into his partnership with Penny Abshire, and a behind the scenes look at VOICE2010.


  • Joe Cipriano
    Joe Cipriano icon16-video 

    Joe Cipriano first caught the bug on a school tour aged 10. He started in radio while still at high school and says, “Radio show was good, homework not so good.” Today he is the premier promo voice across the US. This interview is from the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over lab.


  • John Florian
    John Florian icon16-audio 

    Fresh from receiving the VOICE Community Award, John Florian talks about his journey into voiceover, and how this passion combined with his background in journalism led him to develop the industry news resource, VoiceOverXtra.


  • John Garry
    John Garry icon16-audio 

    In this interview from VOICE 2010, John Garry talks about understanding your capabilities – finding your guy – and gives some great advice. It was a privilege to have this conversation with John after a busy session at the conference, a great inspiration. Belief. People. Action.


  • Kurt Kelly
    Kurt Kelly icon16-audio 

    “Voice of Experience”, Kurt Kelly gives an enjoyable insight into the person behind the voice in this interview recorded during his visit to Istanbul, Turkey in summer 2011.


  •  Lisa Biggs
    Lisa Biggs icon16-video 

    Lisa Biggs hits the nail on the head after a morning coffee! “I mean, you have a gift. You have a dream… Anything you want to do, you can do! You got to make it happen.” While the sun temporarily let us down, Lisa lit up the room. From Tot to Tween to Sweet Sixteen… Lisa Biggs speaks Kid.


  • Lofty Fulton
    Lofty Fulton icon16-audio 

    Lofty Fulton talks about the benefits of creating international voiceover connections, voiceover from an Australian perspective, and becoming a big voice in a small world.


  • Marc Cashman
    Marc Cashman icon16-audio 

    Marc Cashman talks about how wearing several hats makes him a member of the 1% club (nb he is not a milliner!), and how he progressed to this point. We discuss the importance of acting, and above all, the enjoyment of his work.


  • Marc Graue
    Marc Graue icon16-video 

    Marc Graue explains how he learned puppetry and bad words on the same day, as well as sharing the experience of how he built up the legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios. Lots of fun in what was also the first video and audio version of this series.


  • Michael Minetree
    Michael Minetree icon16-audio 

    Michael Minetree talks about how his life was turned around by voice over, how early frustrations have led to exciting opportunities, and how one particular vo commission played an important role in his personal life.


  • Pablo Hernandez
    Pablo Hernandez icon16-audio 

    Pablo Hernandez discusses how social networking brought voiceover artists together to perform on a common project in support of the Haiti disaster victims. This was the first podcast and it inspired Andy Boyns to introduce the people behind the voices.


  • Penny Abshire
    Penny Abshire icon16-audio 

    Penny Abshire talks about how she discovered voiceover, and her partnership with James Alburger. In addition we discuss her role as an ambassador for thinking positive, background to VOICE 2010, and the importance of receiving encouragement as a child… you’ll enjoy this.


  • Scott Brick
    Scott Brick icon16-video 

    Ultimate story teller, Scott Brick gave me goosebumps relating an incident which was a turning point in his life. From his Hollywood home and studio, here’s his wonderful story or creativity and opportunity.


  • Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Stephanie Ciccarelli icon16-audio 

    During VOICE 2010, Stephanie Ciccarelli talks about how she was influenced by her background in music and love for helping people succeed in their careers, and how this developed into Voices.com, which she co-founded with her husband.



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