SaVoa – the voice over seal of quality

“Our industry is one in which location is becoming increasingly unimportant. What matters is quality: of performance and technical standard. SaVoa accreditation of these means that I, as an expatriot – living possibly thousands of miles from a new client – can confidently market myself and give the remote client assurance that my voice and home studio meet professional standards.” SaVoa Testimonials check it out here SaVoa, the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists gives “recognition of a voice over artist’s ability to provide vocally Read More +

Synergy: a life lesson from PS2

Often we are faced with a situation or problem which seems unmanageable, so big that to even start tackling it seems unrealistic as it is obviously unachievable. Initial attempts using the “obvious” solution may fail, because these try to deal with the issue in one fell swoop. William (3 years, 10 months) and Shrek (PlayStation, adult ogre) helped me understand a great life lesson the other day. I want to share it with you here, and ask whether you’ve ever learned something in an unusual Read More +

Monster Mash

There is a hot discussion currently taking place on Taji’s Voiceover Emporium about the anatomy of a perfect Voice Over Casting Site. This is a valiant attempt to elicit a model for what would most benefit both voice artist and seeker, with the hope that V.O.C.Ss will take heed and change where necessary. Taji referred to this as “an amalgamation of the best parts of all the voice over casting websites that are on the market these days… so It’s a Frankenstein’s monster …” The Monster Mash: Read More +

Talk about Haiti

Following the recent earthquake in Haiti, Pablo Hernandez – a voice over artist based in Puerto Rico – had the idea to “gather as many voice-over artists as possible, to make a recording with a support message to Haiti, motivate others to help them in any possible way and to show that VO artists, as a community, care about those that are in need of help”. He started a Facebook group “Let’s talk about Haiti“, the fruits of which include this PSA video. This is Read More +

Like father, like son

From on 27th December 2009 It’s never too early to start! Just a quick post, friends, to share a little something to make you smile. The following sound files (and pictures) were sent to me by voice actor, Andy Boyns, who lives with his family in Turkey. His little son, William, is showing quite the gift of showmanship – at 3 years and 8 months old! As many of you did, Andy recently auditioned for ABC Evening News. Andy decided to let William have Read More +

2009 – Postcard from Turkey

Dave Courvoisier wrote about Andy Boyns on 5th August 2009 Postcard From Turkey Nothing pleases me more about social media than connecting with other VO professionals from all over…and I mean ALL over. A FaceBook message the other day led to an even longer e-mail exchange, and the chance to connect with a voice actor from Turkey.  Yep…Istanbul, Turkey… Read full story