VOICE 2012 in 30 Seconds

Everything you need to know about VOICE 2012 the world’s only international convention for voice artists. Brought to you from around the world by members of the “International VoiceOver” panel, and a couple of Voxy Ladies… Produced by: Andy Boyns (British VO – Turkey) Mehmet Onur (Turkey) With members of the VOICE 2012 “”International VoiceOver” panel Lofty Fulton (Australia) Pocholo Gonzales (The Philippines) Simone Fojgiel (Uruguayan – Spanish VO – USA) and… Voxy Ladies Diane Merritt (USA) Lisa Biggs (USA) The international convention for voice artists, Read More +

Cloud Storage: 50GB free!!!

Sitting next to me is a redundant stack of CDs and DVDs, once my preferred method of backing up data. I’ve kept tabs on the various forms of cloud storage, and want to draw your attention to a 50 GB of FREE storage via Box.net First, cloud storage is a great way to back up data, either for security or to enable you to access your files from different computers or devices. Flash drives are great, but can you really trust them? External drives are Read More +

VOice Studio

It was the coolest studio I’ve ever worked in, and for that matter, the largest too. Mr Snow kindly invited me to try out his new snowball microphone, and with IceDN we connected to the Onpro production suite to record a promo for VOICE 2012. So here’s the footage from the VOice Studio… It’s creative, it’s international (Andy Boyns is based on the Asian shores of Istanbul, Mehmet Onur on the European side)… we’re looking forward to meeting you at the VoiceOver International Creative Experience Read More +

VOice 2012 with Mr Snow

With lots of snow on and off in Istanbul over recent weeks we have a new friend to bring with us to VOICE 2012, recipient of a genuine snowball mic… It’s creative, it’s international (Andy Boyns is based on the Asian shores of Istanbul, Mehmet Onur on the European side)… we’re looking forward to meeting you at the VoiceOver International Creative Experience at the Disneyland® Hotel and Resort in Anaheim, California June 13th-16th, 2012. Maybe see you at the reception on the June 12th, too. Read More +

A-Z Demo

When I posted my updated demo on Facebook, I never thought it would lead me to write a blog on an A-Z of demos. Certainly there are many existing articles on how to approach and make demos, and I would have to recommend books such as the “Art of Voice Acting” as a source. This, therefore is no A-Z list of how to make a demo, and if the search engines have erroneously brought you here for this purpose, I suggest to read on anyway, Read More +

New “the Person Behind the Voice” interviews soon!

A brief update on the series of conversational interviews known as “the Person Behind the Voice”… With VOICE 2012 just around the corner, we’re busy connecting and making arrangements for a huge new series of interviews which will appear here on this site later this year. In the mean time, please let me know below if there are any people whose stories you’d particularly like to learn, and why. In order to help you refer back and listen again to those already here, I’ve propared Read More +

Copyright: right!

It has never been easier to infringe copyright, through the sharing of content, and production of new media. As performers this is something which goes both ways, as we understandably want to be reimbursed for our work – however we must also be aware of crossing the line with material we add to our productions. Currently I’m preparing content for a new website for William, and want to publish recordings of the stories I read for bedtime. Not wanting to tread on the publisher’s toes, Read More +

What a super bowl!

I have never seen the Super Bowl, and have to be honest wasn’t even 100% certain which sport it represented. However my interest was recently piqued by the news that one of the stars of this years event will be our voice over friend Rob Sciglimpaglia Jr. Of course whilst I’ve timed this blog to coincide with the Super Bowl itself – hoping that a few of the 100,000,000 watching will want to get another view of the star himself – that also means that Read More +

Dare to be Purple! (International Version)

Creative view points and exploring tangents. Some call it thinking outside the box… for me it’s a great way to keep moving forward. The recently created team at Voxyladies.com is a great example of this and here’s an example inspired by their recent blog article “Guerillas & Purple Cows”… Fortunately the confusion about whether primates had a special form of advertising technique had been cleared up before this blog was published, this comes as a welcome reminded that the face of marketing is constantly changing. Read More +

Season’s Greetings a.k.a. Happy Christmas!

The past year seems to have disappeared in a flash, as I look back at the videos I shared this time last year in my post “It’s the way that you say it: Happy Christmas” these are so fresh in my memory I just don’t know where time has gone! It’s tempting to do a brief review of the year, but suffice to say I’m proud of William and all he’s achieved – 24,000+ views of his Teletubbies “audiobook” notwithsatnding (OK: see Audiobook Stars Hail New Read More +