Bring on the magic… Holiday Magic!

Remarkably, the most rewarding project I’ve recently worked on was not the one which paid all the expenses for our family summer holiday in a 5 star hotel in North Cyprus (flights included), but William’s and my participation in the 2011, 9th edition of Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages CD! The goal of this annual production is to brighten the holidays for the sick children spending the season at Children’s Hospitals and their siblings who often feel lonely due to the Read More +

This is community

Many thanks to all those who have already responded to the appeal to raise funds to help British voice artist Andrew Swingler and his family. Here is a brief update on how that is going, further encouragement too to add to the VO Peeps scholarship fund, and details of the amazing 50,000th tweet which was sent yesterday evening in a fitting tribute to the late Sandra Swingler. First though a quick leap back to underscore that this is indeed a tremendous example of how the Read More +

Social media – time to make a difference

This week and over the coming months the voiceover community is pulling together to help the family of our good voiceover friend Andrew Swingler. This is a call to action, and direct evidence of the ability of our community to make a direct difference not just in encouraging eachother in our professional lives, or finding work opportunities, but pulling together in times of sadness. Like me, Andrew is an expat British voice artist. He’s based in Orange County, California, and is the father of two Read More +

VOICE 2012 Challenge – Part 2

When you have an audio challenge, who you gonna call? EWABS!!! – Last time we saw members of the “International VoiceOvers” panel having lots of fun getting ready (10.30am Wednesday, be there!)… but it took 6 year old William to spot the problem – they need to be heard in English! With VOICE 2012 just a matter of weeks away, here’s the second in a series of fun promo videos (check out Episode One here if you missed it). If you have any doubts about Read More +

VOICE 2012 Challenge – Part 1

On the one hand it seems so easy – members of the “International VoiceOvers” panel are having lots of fun getting ready (10.30am Wednesday, be there!)… and yet have they overlooked just one minor detail? With VOICE 2012 just a matter of weeks away, here’s the start of a series of fun promo videos. If you have any doubts about the value of the connections formed at VOICE, the reality of the community, make sure to follow the whole series. We may often work alone Read More +

World-Voices Organization Is Founded

A new exciting chapter in the VoiceOver industry has just been opened with the inauguration of World-Voices. This newly formed member-driven and member-controlled organization will set standards of professional quality and skill to produce recorded audio in a home environment for the expanding commercial market. As a voice artist, a producer, or a potential client this is great news! Check out the Press Release below, and get involved in the conversations to enable World-Voices to become the torch bearer of industry standards, enabling all to work together Read More +

Bookmark This! William Online

Six years ago today, William Boyns came into the world: Happy Birthday, William! In fact his first pictures were online within a few hours, which even in history as recent as 2006 was quite an unusual feat. Today marks the “official launch” of his own website – still fairly basic, this will be the place to go to catch up in more detail about what he gets up to. The new site is designed to complement his existing Facebook page, but don’t forget to Read More +

VOICE 2012 in 30 Seconds – Out-take version

We had so much fun making the unofficial promo “VOICE 2012 in 30 Seconds“, we couldn’t resist bring you an out-take version! See how it really happened… and then make sure you get to VOICE 2012 to have a great time with us. Everything you need to know about VOICE 2012 the world’s only international convention for voice artists. Brought to you from around the world by members of the “International VoiceOver” panel, and a couple of Voxy Ladies… Produced by: Andy Boyns (British VO Read More +

Need to know

Since all the best secret agents I’ve ever heard of seem to work on a “need to know” basis, why should this be any different for us working as voice artists. If it’s good enough for someone defending us, it should be good for our profession, too. Unfortunately you’ve probably already misunderstood what I mean, thinking that I’m referring to the suggestion that they should work with limited and often insufficient information. Sure that’s the story line in many a novel. The character is told Read More +

Don’t be a Twit! Tools to open your world

Mark Zuckerberg and I have a few things in common. First we both know what it’s like to be a billionaire, and believe me it’s no fun keeping track of all those zeros. Secondly we’ve both profited from using social media. Granted he’s done rather better than me, and I’m not jealous of that… but no doubt he could find plenty of reasons to be jealous on me. Straight to the point: social media is fun for some, but a nightmare for others. I can Read More +