Cutting Edge Voiceover Recording Technology

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re going to want a piece of this awesome technology specially designed for the voice actor on the go!
This summer, having worked hard on their development, Mehmet Onur and I took the Peepers for a spin, and as you can see from the clip below the user experience and results are both awesome.

Guided by the voice of our very own Anne Ganguzza, the Peepers have taken into account all the voice actor’s needs from providing an easy to read script, voice activated recording, payment delivery, and most importantly, providing a reward at the end of a voiceover session.

Our main concern while testing was that being able to recreate a studio quality recording while walking along the street could have a negative effect on the pro studios and engineers we know and love. Fortunately coinciding with the release of this clip, the VO Peeps meetup in Orange County, (streamed via UStream, and now archived and available here) had as their guest Steve M. Savanyu of Audio Technica who will no doubt enjoy resolving these issues.

We gave the Peepers a huge thumbs up, and are now working on that other essential for voice actors, the streaming food transporter, so that we can fully enjoy the VO Peeps meetups, and the legendary culinary expertise of Jerry Ganguzza!


VO Peeps – VO Peeps is a global meetup group

Mehmet Onur – personal website

Anne Ganguzza – personal website

Steve M. Savanyu – Buford T. Hedgehog Productions

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