New voiceover niche!

Crafting any voiceover demands far more than just reading the words off the page. Focus, creativity, imagination, interpreting the character in the copy, attention to detail, and much more besides. This is especially true for audiobook readers, as they work to find the right mood for the narration, and worry about how many chapters can be finished before bedtime.

However, in spite of this concentration on completing what for many has been described as a marathon work, it has become apparent that many are forgetting to record a vital piece of the manuscript. The page numbers. Recent research, as found from (the Bureau of Made Up Statistics) demonstrates that at least 99% of audiobook narrators fail to include page numbers in their submitted recordings.

Together with my son William (his 8th birthday at the end of this month) we have devised a new service to assist already over-burdened narrators to compensate for this oversight.

In preparation for the recent VO Peeps meetup with Simon Vance we prepared this video demonstration.

We are already grateful to Simon for being one of the award winning audiobook narrators who reviewed William’s first recording of a book three years ago ( so were delighted to help him on this occasion. In fact Simon subsequently admitted publicly on Facebook, “Little known fact: William is my backup when it comes to the page numbers”. So, there you go!

The VO Peeps meetup with Simon was a blast – even though based in Istanbul it meant waking up at 4.30am. Anne Ganguzza, as ever, put together a great programme, and if you haven’t joined eith in person (for those close to Orange County), or online, I thoroughly recommend watching out for the next event she organises. No excuses, especially if you’re in the same or close time zone! (They usually aim to start at 6.30pm PST)

I’m also pleased to be able to link this article with Dave Courvoisier who was recently writing about the power of video for marketing, and a recent VoiceoverXtra series on video.  It’s a tool which you’ll hopefully have seen Mehmet Onur and I use frequently over the past couple of years – we have lots of fun. Together we usually shoot with his Canon, but the video above I had to shoot by myself using my phone camera. Expect to see lots more where this came from, and if you’ve missed the, check out my other videos here

So, having problems with your page numbers? Do get in touch with us and we’ll work out a way forward…


Simon Vance – Personal website

VO Peeps – Global Networking for the Voiceover Community

*video filmed on location at home, and at Karmaşık Ses Production, Istanbul, Turkey.

5 thoughts on “New voiceover niche!

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  • Daniel Dorse

    Hi Andy,

    Interesting point, but frankly, I doubt many authors–particularly of fiction–want to hear the page numbers verbalized. Many do not even submit manuscripts that are paginated. I see 2 main reasons for this (& I’m sure there are more). Most importantly, verbalizing the page numbers (when they are available) breaks the story-telling convention, by constantly referring the listener back to the print medium source–shattering the mood, often breaking character, interrupting narrative flow, rhythm, & momentum. While spoken pagination might be useful for non-fiction or reference works, it would be an unmitigated disaster for fiction. Additionally, with variations in font & type-size that a narrator may make for their personal ease in reading from a mic stand into a mic, page numbers may vary wildly from one format or user to the next, negating even their usefulness for reference or annotation.

    –Daniel Dorse

  • Andy Boyns

    Good points, Daniel. However, the statistics appear to demonstrate otherwise, don’t the? Oftentimes taking an alternative view yields surprising results. That’s one of the exciting things about exploring different possibilities, who knows where this will lead. (I must admit, I hope no-one commissions William to narrate logarithmic tables!)

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