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In my last post, one of the videos I featured was a great clip featuring the voice talent of Lisa Biggs and some toys she voiced, together with Diane Merritt as they fortuitously passed through a toy store. It was purrrfect! The monkey was unavailable for comment (he’d been sold out!) but happily Carolina Now took the opportunity to bring these two Voxy Ladies together for an interview this week, and the monkey has lots to say!

Here are the Voxy Ladies on California Now!:

Carolina’s CW | WYCW-TV

A little bird tells me that a couple of the toys which Lisa has voiced will be featured in this Monday’s broadcast of the Ellen Show – hopefully I’ll get the chance to see it here soon in Turkey, but a thought came to me: wouldn’t Lisa Biggs be a great guest for the show!

On the one hand if Ellen is indeed going to have the toys on the show, then as the voice Lisa would bring an extra dimension, or as the French might say a “je ne sais crois” to the spot. What a great and inspiring story she has to share (as we heard in my “Person Behind the Voice” interview from last year). Lisa has it all – perfect Ellen material! (I hope Lisa will forgive me for that, but as she says, “I mean, you have a gift. You have a dream… Anything you want to do, you can do! You got to make it happen.” )

On the other hand, Lisa (and the Voxy Ladies) are perfect examples of how business and philanthropy go hand in hand – a short investigation will uncover the many events and activities which they have supported, not least through Patches the Bear, and the current drive to support the awesome Children’s Holiday Magic Project (which I also contributed to in 2012) though the 12 Days of VOXmass.

Yes, the Ellen Show needs to highlight this great example, and so I encourage you to pass this on – why not send a Tweet like this:

@TheEllenShow@littlelisabiggs is the #VoiceActor behind two of the toys you’re featuring on Monday’s show!! http://bit.ly/JkAgtR

When you’ve done that, don’t forget to head off to join in the VOXmass fun, and support  Children’s Holiday Magic Project though the 12 Days of VOXmass!



Cuddles the Monkey & Daisy the Kitty sing a Duet for Ellen DeGeneres

Well, it’s a blog, so we didn’t really stop the press, but here’s a NEW, and SPECIAL message from Lisa to Ellen!

Cuddles, Daisy, and Lisa’s Voice!

Yes, Ellen… make the gang complete, or do a follow up to talk with Lisa about the great things she’s accomplished and the great projects she’s involved with to help kids – look forward to seeing the show 🙂

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Lisa Biggs – Personal website

Lisa Biggs – The Person Behind the Voice – my 2012 interview with Lisa

Diane Merritt – Personal website

Voxy Ladies – a “selective collective of female voice talent”

Carolina Now – interview featuring Lisa Biggs & Diane Merritt – Voxy Ladies

Children’s Holiday Magic Project

12 Days of VOXmass

Patches the Bear

The Ellen Degeneres Show



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