Çay Molası – TV series travelling round Turkey

Q: What’s the best way to explore a country? A: Make a TV series!

A month or so back many were vicariously travelling with me along the Black Sea coast, along the north of Turkey through my Facebook photos. Well, for those lucky enough to be here now, you can now watch the series every Saturday at 10am on Ülke TV.

In fact, Çay Molası has confirmed my role as a professional tourist, having played a tourist earlier this year in the two TV series Seksenler and Umutsuz Eve Kadınları (Desperate Housewives)!

This was a tremendous experience, and a great way to get to know the region where my wife and so many friends grew up. Also interesting to have the opportunity to be co-presenting in Turkish – quite a challenge, but exciting to discover that I now have yet another string to my bow!

An Englishman, Andy Boyns, and a Turk, Gözde Şerbetçi, jump into a caravan and start to explore Turkey. Visiting the beautiful sights of Turkey, their share their exciting moments with you – beautiful images with two different perspectives.

Travelling along the Black Sea coast, first discovering the walking sticks of Devrek, then continuing through Zonguldak, Amasra, Sinop, Ordu, Rize, and beyond to get their fill of this wonderful region.

Discovering history, nature, people, culture, and daily life the duo who explore with excitement from start to finish …

Follow their adventures through Turkey’s 81 provinces.

Every Saturday at 10am on Ülke TV


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