EWABS 100th Episode – Congratulations!

Congratulations to Dan Leonard and George Whittam for 100 episodes of EWABS!!

Since it’s the “East West Audio Body Shop”, and Istanbul, Turkey is known as the bridge between the East and the West (according to most of the corporate videos I record!) seems like we have a close affiliation!

Catch EWABS at http://ewabs.com/

Sunday Nights at 9:00 pm Eastern 6:00 Pacific on UStream.tv

To honour the occasion here’s a quick shoutout to the programme

EWABS is the first interactive, online talk show for voice actors with their own voice over studios.

Dan and George answer your questions and solve your home voice over studio problems.
Weekly features include “Studio Pix and Clips of the Week”, “Dan’s Tip of the Week”, and special guests ranging from celebrity voice actors to agents.

Last year we had some fun with a short series of unofficial promos for VOICE 2012, and the guys generously helped by producing a spoof mini episode. Watch it here (original blog post here)

With the glass next to my computer, I’m wondering whether George has worked out how to stream the celebratory champagne to the viewers…


EWABS – the East West Audio Body Shop

George Whittam – the Person Behind the Voice (interview with Andy Boyns)

George Whittam – all about George!

Dan Lenard – the Home Studio Master

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