Cloud Storage Update

If you want to pay for cloud storage, don’t read this. If you love amazing free opportunities read on!! Last year I blogged about a 50GB cloud storage offer from Box, but thanks to a great heads up from Dave Courvoisier, here’s an offer which is potentially huge in comparison (as if that wasn’t enough). has recently launched, is a service not dissimilar to Dropbox, and their current sign-up deal is amazing…


Get 20GB+ Free cloud storage! is currently offering 15GB for sign up plus an extra 5GB for installing the Copy app on either your computer, tablet, or phone. If you refer the service to others you’ll also earn 5GB for each referral who installs the app.

As I noted just over a year ago:

First, cloud storage is a great way to back up data, either for security or to enable you to access your files from different computers or devices. Flash drives are great, but can you really trust them? External drives are sometimes incompatible between different computers… DVDs… well, they take up room and are hardly mobile. Furthermore I once had a colleague who after losing data on numerous occasions to viruses, and accidental deleting, religiously backed up onto an external device. This was fine until a burglar stole both her laptop and external drives.

One of my favourite features to have come to the phone apps since then is the ability to automatically backup photos from my phone when I’m connected to wi-fi. Of course the draw back is that photos quickly use up memory space, and this emphasises the benefit of using more than one service, and snapping up all the free storage space you can! I see it as an investment. It’s inevitable that one day I’ll use it, so gather you cloud while you can!

So, once again: Tons of free storage at


Other services worth subscribing to (if you haven’t already) are:





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