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Book now to attend the latest TEDx Reset event in Istanbul, taking place on April 12 and 13, 2013 at the TIM Show Center, Maslak.

The theme of this year’s event is “Critical Crossroads”, and I am certain it will be a thought provoking experience. Having attended the previous two events, I’m looking forward to attending again this year to be both challenged and motivated. Don’t worry about language problems – with simultaneous translation everything will be available in both English and Turkish!!

Book here at the TEDx Reset website (Book early- now! – as it’s sure to be fully subscribed)

Here are details from the site (

It’s been more than three years since TEDXReset adventure has begun. In 2010 we started out by “resetting our minds”, where we questioned all that we know, all the we’ve assumed to be true, all the rules, all our beliefs and we asked ourselves “What if?” in the year 2011. In 2012 we decided to set foot on new directions, while we were listening to those who had the courage to start the journeys, to overcome obstacles and those who came back and restarted their journeys the puzzle in our minds was “Quo Vadis?”(Where Are You Going?)

For the past year and actually for years, centuries, for many lives on end we’ve been travelling. The journey didn’t start just yesterday and certainly it is not over yet. Every day we take new steps, sometimes forwards, and sometimes backwards, sometimes to the right and perhaps to the left. And every day we make new decisions, about which path to take. But this time it seems a little different…

This time the transformations/change is fast enough to make us dizzy, and it is happening in such close proximity, that perhaps we might even be at the very center of it.

All around the world, in the Middle East, in our own land there are sweeping winds of transformation. Ideas, forces, beliefs, societies, cultures, power structures, frontlines are changing. There is no way we can stop the time; change is imminent. Technology is no longer limited to smart phones, tablet computers, or the tools we use, there is much more it and it’s constantly transforming us in the process. Everyday we create new versions, and then even newer versions of ourselves and of our lives. New social lives, new ways of working, new spaces, new forms, new designs. This transformation is so rapid that sometimes we don’t even get a chance to “stop”, “to think”, “to understand the alternatives”, “to choose”, until we decide to create our own alternatives. Therefore, we believe that, this time we are at a much more “Critical Crossroads’!

I look forward to seeing you on April 12 and 13, 2013 at the TIM Show Center, Maslak.

Moment of decision...


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TEDx Reset

Critical Crossroads! – Event program

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