Andy Boyns Goes Back to the 80’s in TV Role!

Fresh from winning 3 television awards, and last week releasing its soundtrack album, it’s a great pleasure for me to have a guest role in the highly successful Turkish television comedy show “Seksenler” (The Eighties) this week. Broadcast on Tuesday, 2nd April on TRT1 at 7.50pm (Episode 57) a foreign tourist arrives on the scene…

*UPDATE: See full episode here

A Lost Tourist in the Middle of Çınaraltı Neighbourhood!

A tourist who loses his way and finds himself in Çınaraltı neighbourhood becomes the local centre of attraction. Confectioner Sami, record store owner Ergun, and Ahmet first and foremost, and virtually everyone in the neighbourhood joins forces to help the lost tourist find his way. However, there is a major problem: nobody knows English…

While Ahmet and Ergun’s attempts to speak in English with the tourist provide a laugh, Fehmi’s reaction, after meeting the tourist back home, is an object of interest… Meanwhile, how will Rukiye hide the new dinner set that Boutique Ali coerced her into buying, from Fehmi?

With his love for Gülden growing with every passing day, Ahmet will finally declare his love for her at the first opportunity and thus put an end to this uncertainty. Days of great animation await a resolute Ahmet…


If you’ve had the impression that life on the set is one of a big happy family, then you’ve understood the passion that goes into creating this remarkable series. In the five weeks since the filming of this episode I’m been nervously waiting to see the final results, and look forward to watching with you – wherever you may be – on Tuesday evening.

A big thank you to all those in the cast and crew for making me so welcome… check out this and more photos on my new Facebook page at

About “Seksenler”


Starring in The Eighties (Seksenler) TV series is Rasim Öztekin, Özlem Türkad, Yasemin Çonka, Şoray Uzun, Ayşe Tolga, İlker Ayrık, Pelin Akil, Serhat Kılıç and Vural Çelik.

Covering the early 80’s to the present day, The Eighties series is the story of the last thirty-two years’ history and change in modern Turkey. Aimed at exploring the effects of such change on a typical Turkish family, this entertaining period sitcom brings to light the transformation experienced in social life and the influence upon us of the innovations entering our lives.

The Eighties is a charming journey aspiring to reintroduce new generations to the human values that we have lost. The Eighties TV series serves to intrigue children and young people, just as much as it does those who lived through those very years.

Director: Mufit Can Saçıntı

Scenario: Murat Aras

Producer: Birol Güven

MinT (Made in Turkey) Productions:

Sekenler Official site:!/seksenlermint


Many thanks to ANS Productions


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