Facebook Page Launched!

Please "Like" my new page 🙂

With a rapidly developing business profile, my new Facebook page is now launched to provide a more concise view of all the exciting things going on. Many were surprised that I hadn’t previously done this, but now the time is right, and if you haven’t done so already, please head straight over and add your definitive “Like” to show your support and interest.

I greatly appreciate the encouragement of folk like Terry Daniel, with his recent blog article “Are Facebook Business Pages the key to Survival?”, and Voices.com Social Media Manager Ashley Rose Davidson for her advice in getting started.

In fact the biggest hurdle in getting started was to decide whether to create a page as a “Business” or, as I finally decided, to represent me as an “Actor”. Curious to learn how others had created their pages I asked what had been the main influence in others decision making… and was surprised not to discover a concrete reason for most.

However, thanks to recommendations to take the individual approach, I’m pleased with the result, and I hope you’ll find it an informative additional way to keep up to date and be motivated to use my voice for projects, or my acting / presentation skills for other work.

One of the questions frequently asked is “What’s the point of a business page?”, and that’s a good one. To my mind questioning the “ROI” or “Return on investment” is unnecessary, as it’s free… so the investment is simply one of a little time. Another good question (which was asked) is “Does anyone actually get work from their Facebook pages?”

It’s actually a great question, but in my marketing mindset the wrong one to ask. Just as the “Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy” initially suggests the answer to the meaning of life is “42”, the answer to these Facebook page questions probably results in equally nonsensical results. The fact is that my business page is not the sum total of my marketing efforts. It is just one facet of the whole picture. I constantly remind myself that the big companies, while fully in control of their marketing efforts with huge budgets going through skilled marketing agencies, probably don’t ask whether displaying the product name on the window of my local store actually results in physical sales. As much as anything this is simply part of building the brand.

A few minutes ago I had a call back for a role in an advertisement. This will play on TV, in cinemas, on the internet, and public transport. No doubt if I’m confirmed in the role the company’s profits will immediately soar, but joking aside, who will see the advert for the first time and suddenly make a life changing decision? Brand exposure must surely be much more a case of reminding potential clients that the brand is available, and building confidence in those already using the brand that they made the right choice, and should continue to do so.

STOP PRESS! Just as I’m about to post this, I notice yet another great article from Paul Strikwerda, and it’s especially pertinent to what I’m trying to say here. Check out “Creating a Wave”. As he rightly says, “You and I, we walk a fine line when it comes to drumming up business.” The page is a place to do this in a recognisable dedicated space without constantly being seen as a viscious self-promoter. Indeed while the page is inevitably about “me”, I hope it will be a place where we can engage and make things happen on a wider scale. Thanks Paul for the timely caveat! You’ll be pleased to know I wholeheartedly agree!

That said, check out my demos direct from Andy Boyns on Facebook (thanks Terry for the app head up), see many of the great people I’ve been lucky to meet, and shortly see other albums of me at work in various studios, and filming locations. Enjoy these and please share to help spread my brand.

First and foremost my page is to show you how much I love doing what I do, how important the people I work with, so come and enjoy… I hope it might also encourage you to want to work with me and join in the fun.

So come on over and send a big “Like” – thanks!


Andy Boyns on Facebook

Demos – direct from Facebook!

People – some of the great folks I’ve met and worked with


Are Facebook Business Pages the key to Survival? – by Terry Daniel

Social Media Guide for Voiceover Success – Voices.com (thanks Ashley Rose Davidson)

Creating a Wave – Paul Strikwerda

What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

10 Reasons to Have a FaceBook Business Page

What do we have a business page? – interesting presentation from an educator justifying a school’s profile

5 thoughts on “Facebook Page Launched!

  • Paul Strikwerda

    I’m glad your Facebook business page is up, Andy!

    Facebook created profiles for people and pages for businesses to separate the personal from the professional.

    It’s actually against Facebook regulations to use a personal profile for business purposes. Theoretically, you could be banned for doing that, but who is going to police the billions of users?

    Having a dedicated business page is just step one. Step two is to make it relevant and use it as a vehicle to communicate with clients, colleagues and fans.

    Good luck creating a wonderful wave, Andy!

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