Bring on the magic… Holiday Magic!

Remarkably, the most rewarding project I’ve recently worked on was not the one which paid all the expenses for our family summer holiday in a 5 star hotel in North Cyprus (flights included), but William’s and my participation in the 2011, 9th edition of Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages CD!

The goal of this annual production is to brighten the holidays for the sick children spending the season at Children’s Hospitals and their siblings who often feel lonely due to the other child being absent as well as requiring more attention from the parents. Last year nearly 5000 copies of the CD were delivered to Children’s Hospitals internationally and they were thrilled to have them and distribute them to their patients!

The CD is the brain child of Jeff Gelder, and is produced by his company Gelderhead Productions.

The first CD was produced in 2003, when professional voice actor Jeff Gelder was tasked in a Landmark Education class to come up with a project that would enhance the community and ultimately take on a life of its own. That’s just what has happened, as Jeff now fields many inquiries about the CD all year long. He says, “This year we hope to once again have CD’s for Children’s Hospital’s in San Diego, Milwaukee, Denver, Albuquerque, Orange County, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Madera, Delaware, New York, Oakland, Omaha, Rhode Island, St. Louis, and Singapore, plus Minnesota and London, England!”

For me, contributing to a project like this is rewarding because of the wonderful results it brings for the children who received the CDs – what a privilege to be part of this, even though the recipients are, so far, many thousands of miles away.

Furthermore, such collaboration brings the opportunity to work with wonderful talent. While I recorded the narration of “Let’s Go Home Little Bear” in my own studio, James Alburger kindly (and expertly) brought it to life producing the track with music and sound effects. It’s not every day my work gets into the hands of a multiple Emmy award winning producer!

Collaborative projects also have the benefit of enabling one to push other boundaries, and get together with new partnerships. This was no exception, and when my good friend, Connie Mustang told me she had an original story for the CD, and wondered whether William and I could contribute character voices, we both jumped at the chance.

And so the Reel Mustangs’ track, “Croc Christmas” came to life, with William (then aged five) as the Christmas Mouse…. he’s since gone on to perform his first professional voiceover for a Brazilian production company. I contributed various character voices to this track too.

We had a lot of fun recording these together, and it was a pleasure to meet with Jeff again at VOICE 2012 when he was able to tell me in person some of the stories of the reception he and his team received when visiting the hospitals to deliver the presents. We also have a rather splendid plaque to commemorate our participation, which takes pride of place on my studio wall. This is a permanent reminder that some of the greatest rewards come when you help others.

Production of this year’s CD is already well underway, with a goal of distribution to 10,000 children. With stories and songs selected for 2012 CD, donations for CD production and delivery to benefit Hospitalized Children Urgently Needed.

This is where YOU can still contribute… and spread the word, too!!!

Jeff has expressed the appeal: “This year’s goal is to produce and deliver a minimum of 10,000 copies, which will be delivered around the country and to Singapore in December. Please consider donating a minimum of $50 or more. No amount is too big or too small. Your gift is much needed and immensely appreciated! Every donation goes toward gifting a CD to a child. This is a labour of love that is received with much joy by children who are unfortunately spending the holiday season in the hospital and their siblings, who often crave attention due to so much being given to the ailing member of their family,”

We appreciate all donations! The more donations the more children that will be receiving a CD. Thank you for your time and consideration, and make it a happy holiday season!”

Andy Boyns & Jeff Gelder

Andy Boyns & Jeff Gelder

For every $10 4 CDs will be gifted. No donation is too big or too small!

Sending a donation through Paypal is incredibly easy – think how many children you could make happy by skipping on visit to your favourite coffee house… instead pay a visit to – guaranteed to bring more long lasting feeling of internal warmth than a tall cappuccino!

To find out more, and join in the conversations (please also share on your favourite social media sites, here are some links:

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Twitter (@HolidayMagicCD) –

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Gelderhead Productions – website

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