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Many thanks to all those who have already responded to the appeal to raise funds to help British voice artist Andrew Swingler and his family. Here is a brief update on how that is going, further encouragement too to add to the VO Peeps scholarship fund, and details of the amazing 50,000th tweet which was sent yesterday evening in a fitting tribute to the late Sandra Swingler.

First though a quick leap back to underscore that this is indeed a tremendous example of how the voiceover community pulls together. As Liz de Neznera (@lizden) tweeted:

THIS is Community. RT @andyboyns “if there’s anything i can ever do…” – well, now you can –

Please take a look at my article from last week, and blogs from other dear friends on the same:

This morning Andrew shared this news on the facebook page Sandra Swingler’s Status:

Today was a day of closure.

The family sailed from Newport Beach this morning aboard the 67′ White Light, and out to a point overlooking the beach where Sandra and I took our wedding photos after being married at the Five Crowns over 11 years ago.

The service was simple but beautiful – the captain said a short poem and gave us each a red rose. Then the girls and I scattered Sandra’s ashes and we threw the roses onto the ocean. We all threw some lilies from the weekend’s services onto the ocean as well. After circling a couple of times we slowly made our way back to port. It was an incredibly emotional and moving experience for all of us and the beautiful weather and calm seas made everything just perfect.

Thank you all again so much for everything. I’m humbled and honored by everything that you’ve done, and on behalf of my family I’d like to sincerely thank every one of you.

A service and gathering in remembrance of the life of Sandra was held last weekend, in which there was a lot of laughter, moving stories and happy memories. As there should be. Here is a brief video celebrating this life:

In Memoriam

The appeal to raise funds to support the family continues. With a goal of raising $5000 within three months, the VO Peeps scholarship fund can be reached here:

Already over $1800 has been donated, which is a great start. Please do what you can to help here… no amount is too small, if everyone who reads this donates the cost of a round of coffees (over 300 people read the previous blog) the target will be reached in no time. Please also share the links to the VO Peeps page and this article: Tweet, share, write your own blogs!

50,000th Tweet!

And finally the news you’ve been patiently waiting for: Natalie Cooper’s 50,000th tweet auction.

How better to start than with Tweet #49,999 (audio produced by Darren Altman)

Standby, 50,000th tweet coming next… Drum roll please!

The auction finished on Saturday evening with a winning bid from an anonymous donor of £155.00 (approx $240). Natalie tweeted at 5pm BST Monday (yesterday)

50,000th tweet

Mum, Sandra & all we’ve lost, we love you. Let’s value each day & support the fight against cancer: @jte6 Pls RT

Please continue to retweet.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our wonderful voiceover community – please continue in this spirit ! Thank you.


In Memoriam: Sandra Swingler Fundraising Drive – VO Peeps Scholarship Fund

Andrew Swingler – personal website

Anne Ganguzza – personal website

Natalie Cooper – personal website

Darren Altman – personal website

2 thoughts on “This is community

  • Rick Lance

    Many thanks to you Andy and Andrew for sharing your thoughts, memories and video with us.
    I wish you and your family all the best, Andrew!

  • Andrew Swingler

    Thanks for posting this Andy. It’s not like me to be lost for words but it seems to have been something of a common occurrence over the past couple of weeks. You and the rest of the VO community have my sincere gratitude.

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