Don’t be a Twit! Tools to open your world

Mark Zuckerberg and I have a few things in common. First we both know what it’s like to be a billionaire, and believe me it’s no fun keeping track of all those zeros. Secondly we’ve both profited from using social media. Granted he’s done rather better than me, and I’m not jealous of that… but no doubt he could find plenty of reasons to be jealous on me.

Straight to the point: social media is fun for some, but a nightmare for others. I can understand those who look at certain aspects of Facebook and see the negatives jumping out – Farmville, Fishville, Petville, Vegetableville (I think I made the last one up, at least I hope so) seem totally pointless to me. Until recently, while a member of Twitter for years, I couldn’t understand how to use it – but I think I’m beginning to learn how to make it into a useful tool.

Social media’s for being social, isn’t it? How’s it a tool?

Here’s where I’ll jump back a step, and point you towards an excellent recent article by social media guru (he’ll like that), Terry Daniel: Social Media: A Positive Tool, Not a Negative Trap

Great article, Terry, and food for thought about how to appear professional online.

What about strategies for business building? What makes Terry a “social media guru”? Well, here I’ll shamelessly plagarise from the VOICE 2012 website:

Terry Daniel, Trish “The Dish” Basanyi, and VOICE Co-Host Dave Courvoisier team up to produce an all new presentation on how voice talents can better understand social media and what kinds of tools they can use to help grow their business.

Research shows that a large percentage of voice talent still do not fully understand how to use social networking to their advantage. With the addition of Google+ and many other brand new social networking tools, Terry, Trish, and Dave will present a light-hearted program that will not only entertain you but will also provide you with a compass. Through the use of slides, videos and animation, you’ll learn how to build your voiceover business through social networking.

So lots to learn from their session – “Social Media and the Voice Over Industry” – in fact, after my “International VoiceOvers” panel, this is one of the must attend sessions at the convention!

Can’t wait till June? Well here’s another great article which I learned about from Tim Keenan through Twitter (@Soundtrack_Pro) about Using Twitter as a Professional Development Tool – actually that’s both the subject, and the link! (Click here if you missed that!)

In fact although Tim didn’t know I was planning to write this blog, he obviously felt the need for a second mention, by Tweeting this yesterday:

Audioboo emailed me that my interview w/ UK voice artist Natalie Cooper @voiceovergirl has now reached 1000 listens!

Do click on the link, and you’ll not only learn how British voice artist Natalie uses Twitter (in fact I’ve found for brief chats she much prefers Twitter to either email or messenger services, like Facebook). You’ll also discover why links get shortened!

Oh heck I’ll show you:

The prize for the longest URL goes to Tim!

Other Links

VOICE 2012

“International VoiceOvers” Panel: Wednesday, 13th June – 10.30am

“Social Media and the Voice Over Industry”: Thursday, 14th June – 8.30am – Terry Daniel – Tim Keenan – Natalie Cooper


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