VOice Studio

It was the coolest studio I’ve ever worked in, and for that matter, the largest too. Mr Snow kindly invited me to try out his new snowball microphone, and with IceDN we connected to the Onpro production suite to record a promo for VOICE 2012. So here’s the footage from the VOice Studio…

It’s creative, it’s international (Andy Boyns is based on the Asian shores of Istanbul, Mehmet Onur on the European side)… we’re looking forward to meeting you at the VoiceOver International Creative Experience at the Disneyland® Hotel and Resort in Anaheim, California June 13th-16th, 2012. Maybe see you at the reception on the June 12th, too.

Make a note in your diary for 10.30am, Wednesday 13th June for the “International VoiceOvers” panel!

Check out the details here: VoiceConvention.com

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