Cloud Storage: 50GB free!!!

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Sitting next to me is a redundant stack of CDs and DVDs, once my preferred method of backing up data. I’ve kept tabs on the various forms of cloud storage, and want to draw your attention to a 50 GB of FREE storage via

First, cloud storage is a great way to back up data, either for security or to enable you to access your files from different computers or devices. Flash drives are great, but can you really trust them? External drives are sometimes incompatible between different computers… DVDs… well, they take up room and are hardly mobile. Furthermore I once had a colleague who after losing data on numerous occasions to viruses, and accidental deleting, religiously backed up onto an external device. This was fine until a burglar stole both her laptop and external drives.

Free Cloud storage::

Box (50GB when you use with Android app!!!):





I’ve used Dropbox for years, and love the fact that with its desktop application, my files are automatically uploaded onto their system without my having to think about it. My style of working often necessitates that I work on different computers – and I don’t have to worry about accessing the latest file (or collection of files, if I’m keeping things together in a folder for a project) they’re just there, downloaded automatically onto my nominated computers, or available from a website. has a nice interface for LinkedIn through which I run my demos on that site… Yesterday my jaw dropped when I saw that for Android device users they are offering a FREE lifetime upgrade to 50GB – check out the link below!



SugarSync has a nice app for my phone which backs up my photos via wi-fi (you can also use 3G, but for obvious reasons I chose not to use that), so I can be sure that my precious photos are safe as soon as I’ve taken them. I guess this could also make for faster file sharing, especially when I’m at VOICE 2012, this June.



Minus is also a cool place to backup – before the offer this was offering the largest amount of free storage. So, I’d recommend this too, especially to iPhone users who unfortunately can’t benefit at the moment from that offer.



Four options – no doubt you know of others. I subscribe to them all (and might have more than one account with some) because this is FREE backup!!! We all need it, and it really isn’t necessary to pay over the odds for these service (although you can choose to do that if  you wish – I just like hate spending money if I don’t have to!).

Here are some links. I get absolutely no benefit from sharing the incredible offer with you. If you have an Android device, for heaven’s sake snatch this up (the offer expires mid March) even if you don’t need the storage today, I bet you’ll find a use for it in the future. I also recommend the other sites, believing for back up not to put all my eggs in one basket (my son’s photos, for example are priceless, and duplicates are stored everywhere!!!). DropBox, SugarSync, and Minus are referral links, and we’ll both benefit from some additional extra free storage capacity if you use these:

Free Cloud storage::

Box (50GB when you use with Android app!!!):




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  • Cat Smith

    Dropbox is favorite! I use it every single day. Thanks for the other suggestions. I’m going to check them out. Also, I added you to my blogroll now that I figured out how to add to it!

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