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When I posted my updated demo on Facebook, I never thought it would lead me to write a blog on an A-Z of demos. Certainly there are many existing articles on how to approach and make demos, and I would have to recommend books such as the “Art of Voice Acting” as a source. This, therefore is no A-Z list of how to make a demo, and if the search engines have erroneously brought you here for this purpose, I suggest to read on anyway, as you might gain some ideas of what to do once you’ve got that lovely mp3 demo file in your hands…

So here’s the original post on my personal Facebook wall:

Andy Boyns

Introducing my new demo!

Many thanks to Mehmet Onur for producing this at ONPRO, and Posy Brewer Voice Overs for the excellent tag. Enjoy!

[soundcloud width=”100%” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/36267651″ iframe=”true” /]

Credit where credit’s due… Mehmet did a great job with the production, and if I may be permitted to digress, here’s a comment I made about the working relationship we’ve had as a result of VOICE 2010

VOICE 2012 (Facebook Group)

Penny just asked for a list of positive outcomes from VOICE 2010…

My new demo is just the lastest of a slew of examples. Produced by Mehmet Onur, who I met as a result of VOICE 2010, and I now count as my best friend. We have spent the past two years working together on many different projects, with many exciting, creative plans for the future… watch this space…

oh! and join us and other friends for the International VoiceOvers panel: Wednesday 10.30am

Back to the demo…

With plans to update all my niche demos, we decided to start with a compilation, or generic demo which covers Commercial, Corporate, eLearning, Narration (Documentary), and Promo. Since many of my clients are in Turkey, where I based, it was also natural to start with Turkish airlines, and this is a re-production of an actual spot…

I host all my demos on this site at andyboyns.com/demo, but decided to make better use of Soundcloud – it’s nice to be able to tag the individual spots, and the application make it ridiculously easy to share on social networks.

Back to Facebook…

The first comments...

Having a great demo is useless unless it gets heard. You can imagine how excited I was when, within minutes of posting (you can check out the time references) I had comments from Andrew, Bob, and Chuck. But that excitement also set off an alarm bell. “Opportunity Alert”. Perhaps that should have been the title of this blog. As I mentioned in a previous blog, “Synergy: a life lesson from PS2”, surprising things can happen if we open ourselves to find them.

My mind triggered “Andrew, Bob, Chuck = A, B, C…. What if you could complete the alphabet, Andy???”

And so the fun began!

These first three comments were genuinely spontaneous, and unsolicited, and I guess an honest disclaimer would be that a little effort went in to alerting folks that they had a chance to join my new “A-Z Demo Comment Challenge”.

Actually, for some letters a lot of effort, whereas others came easily as some jumped in straight away – but here’s why it was fun. First in writing and explaining what I was trying to do, over a couple of days I had many conversations with lots of my voiceover friends. Of course Facebook Chat and Messaging played a big part here, but Skype – including the first video call on my phone, using a local cafe’s wi-fi – and Twitter all came to my aid.

Getting a handle on Twitter

For the first time, I began to see how Twitter was useful in my toolbox of connections, as I realised that some folks used this as their primary means of keeping up to date – I feel much better prepared to learn more social media tricks at VOICE 2012!

Result! A-Z Demo Challenge complete!

I received some great compliments, and constructive criticism… as you can see from the comments the demo was well received, and I’m grateful for the encouragement. As artists often working alone it never hurts to have this boost of positive energy from friends. However, the conversations also covered other topics which open future possibilities, and this is exciting too. From discussing meet-ups for VOICE 2012, potential interviews for the “Person Behind the Voice” podcast series on this blog, and even possibilities of managing a European tour in the future for one notable performer – I’ll let you work that out… it’s just a seed, right now, but another potential opportunity for us both.

I’ll be honest with you. The only thing I don’t like about this demo is the name: “generic.” There’s nothing generic about you, Andy. This is the way I’d like to be talked to: no yelling, no movie trailer man, no obvious compression. It’s simply you: Approachable, Believable and Charming. Now there’s your ABC! – Paul Strikwerda

So… the message is that there are great opportunities surrounding us, but you have to do something to make them show themselves. You also have to keep your eyes open, so as not to miss them. Finally you have to act, however daft or silly the activity might appear, because you just don’t know where you could go unless you try.

But, the real final note is that you can’t do anything creative entirely on your own. So a BIG THANK YOU to all those who responded to this post – I also learned that in referring to Facebook it’s easy to put people on the defensive, “Is this a virus?” was a question I was asked more than once. Maybe the creative side of this is infective, and you’ve caught the bug, too. I hope so.

Now, as promised, here’s the alphabetical list of all those wonderful people who contributed…

A-Z list of comments on Facebook post


Akdoğan Gündem

Andrew Swingler: Lovely job Andy!

Ayşe Gül Boyns

Aziz Acar: i agree with you Kurt (see below). its really outstanding.

Bill DeWees

Bob Hurley: You sound great, Andy!

Chuck Burke: Bravo Mr. Boyns! Bravo!

Dan Lenard: Very unique and stylized Andy. You want to be unique and your take and pace are your own. Great audio quality and presentation.

Diane Havens: Simply wonderful, Andy!

Ercument Sevinc: Çok başarılı. Tebrikler Andy. Mehmet Onur’un da eline sağlık.

Eric Souer: Very nice Andy!

Fatih Koca: Good Job 😉

Ferim Kurt: greaatt !!

Ginny Culp: Nice!

Hasan Dede

Herb Merriweather: ‎…simply put, great job…

Hermes Figueiredo: Very nice Andy Boyns

Ion Constantin: nice voice

Ismail Makas: very nice….:D

John Taylor: wicked good

Kathleen Keesling: Congratulations! Very fresh with outstanding quality sound.

Kurt Kelly: ‎Andy Boyns, you are such a global ROCK STAR, outstanding! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Llou Johnson: Good job there Andy! You left me wanting to hear more!

A Marcus Scott

Mehmet Onur

Michael Minetree: Like a warm fire on a cold Istanbul night.. Good for the toes!!

Mike Laponis

Murat Inan: awesome 😉

Nancy Wolfson: N-icely done.

Nick Omana: Nice execution…(not to be confused with the saying commonly used during the French Revolution)!

Öykü Gülersönmez: nice:)

Ozan Gözcü: very nice Andy Boyns :9

Pablo Hernandez: I love it, Andy! Great demo!

Patrick Sweeney: Andy how am I every going to win a race against Paul your other friend with “P”. Thats a race I would lose 100% per cent of the time. Great demo. You make me want to get on a flight right now and go to Turkey for a vacation! Good luck with your marketing efforts of the demo!

Paul Strikwerda: I’ll be honest with you. The only thing I don’t like about this demo is the name: “generic.” There’s nothing generic about you, Andy. This is the way I’d like to be talked to: no yelling, no movie trailer man, no obvious compression. It’s simply you: Approachable, Believable and Charming. Now there’s your ABC!

Pocholo De Leon Gonzales: WONDERFUL!

Dan Q Lenard: Very unique and stylized Andy. You want to be unique and your take and pace are your own. Great audio quality and presentation. ..Just in case you were confused

Reel Mustangs: Nice read Andy! I hope it brings in many jobs for you. ~ Connie Mustang

Rick Lance: Great, Andy… very cool, smooth and classy! You might want to have something on there that moves with a different pace. But only if you’re comfortable with that. And it doesn’t detract from your natural feel.

Rowell Gormon: ‎…of course, like most yanks, i’m a sucker for a british accent. would love to hear you doing a couple of more conversational bits mixed in with the lush, fully-produced ones. great sound overall.

Sakir Dincsahin

Scott Fortney: This demo rrrrrrrrrrreally rocks, Andy!!! Love it! Congrats on the work this will surely bring you.

Sinem Dişçi: perfecttt:)

Steven Lowell: That is awesome!!! I love your work. I do want to say … can you change up some of the pacing of the reads or the energy levels? Maybe even do your own fancy tech lead in “Andy Boyns”. Awesome work!

Tom Dheere: Good stuff, Andy!

Uğur Atıcı: i like it güzel bravo

Utku Baykal: That s great voiceover Mr. Boyns =)

Vanessa Hart: Well done Andy – Congrats!

Voice AUnited: Great Work Andy 😉 VAU Team

Voiceover Success: You killed it Andy.

Wolfgang Beck: accurate, to the point, clean and just very enjoyable to listen to… great work

Xe Sands: Love that you managed to include both the Queen and the Sex Pistols in one spot 🙂

Yasin Erçağlayan: çok başarılı Andy. tebrikler. Kayıt da süper olmuş.

Zafer Basogul: Andy Boynssss !

Zeynep Sultan: congratulations Andy! that’s the wonderful result of the ‘creative energy’ 🙂

Zurek Speaks: Great job, Andy! You and Mehmet Onur makea great team! I certainly didn’t catch any Zzzzzzzz listening to that!



Andy Boyns – demos

Mehmet Onur – personal website

Onpro – productions – check out the video showreel, and see if you can spot Andy Boyns!

Posy Brewer – personal website

VOICE 2012 – Join us for the “International VoiceOvers” panel, in Disneyland: June 13-16, 2012


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