Season’s Greetings a.k.a. Happy Christmas!

The past year seems to have disappeared in a flash, as I look back at the videos I shared this time last year in my post “It’s the way that you say it: Happy Christmas” these are so fresh in my memory I just don’t know where time has gone!

It’s tempting to do a brief review of the year, but suffice to say I’m proud of William and all he’s achieved – 24,000+ views of his Teletubbies “audiobook” notwithsatnding (OK: see Audiobook Stars Hail New Reader). He’s also now on Facebook, and the domain name is ready for his own website – watch this space. To finish this year, and bring us back to the season’s Holiday Magic, William played his first character voice on Jeff Gelder’s 2012: Holiday Magic Children’s CD, which has been distributed to 5000 children spending Christmas and New Year in hospital.

Holiday Magic CD

Holiday Magic CD

Thanks to Connie Mustang for inviting William to be the Christmas Mouse in her “Reel Mustang’s” story. Andy Boyns also joins in the fun of Croc Christmas, as well as narrating the story “Let’s Go Home Little Bear”, produced by the maestro himself, James Alburger.

This has been a great year for voiceovers, and now Andy is solely working freelance a whole wealth of possibilities and opportunities has exploded. From being part of the team at 6News – gaining valuable writing and production experience; to narrating documentaries for CNN, TRT, and Turkish Airlines; numerous company and training videos; even filming and dubbing on-camera productions… the list goes on!

Thus it’s an appropriate time to herald in the annual “holiday message” from international voiceover artists, produced by the indefatigable Terry Daniel. Let’s see if we can raise the number of hits to this 10 minute compilation to over a thousand before the New Year!

Second Annual VO Holiday Greeting by voiceoversbyterrydaniel

For those of you who prefer to cut to the chase, here’s the segment Mehmet Onur and I recorded – lots of fun!

Ho Ho Ho: Andy Boyns & Mehmet Onur by andyboyns

A remarkable year is coming to a close with great excitements around the corner… keep an eye out for details of my role as VIP Presenter at VOICE 2012, as I moderate the “International Voiceovers” panel. What else will the next 12 months have in store. If this year is anything to go by, I’d be sure to subscribe to this blog so as not to miss anything in the coming year!

And by way of a very special Christmas present – here’s a short video of William hanging decorations on the tree. Enjoy!

And because I can’t resist a creative use of video take a look at this:

And finally, two pics…

Ayşegül, William, and Andy Boyns

Ayşegül, William, and Andy Boyns


William: "Please don't eat me! Christmas needs me. I am the Christmas Mouse!"

Links: – the official home of VOICE 2012

Holiday Magic CD – don’t forget to make a donation!

William Boyns on Facebook



Pleased to be able to add this little peom, by my voiceover and cartoonist friend Jeffrey Kafer (see also

Status update

By Jeffrey Kafer

Twas the night before Christmas

And Santa was up late,

For he was searching for something

To replace the misery and hate.


He clicked and he searched

but stumped by the equation.

He needed the perfect gift

For this momentous occasion.


He used Google and Bing,

even Yahoo, too.

He put his brightest coders to work

But figure it out, they couldn’t do.


As the clock wore on,

he worried with fret.

He’d never make his deadline

This you can bet.


But then, a breakthrough,

As if by plan!

He’d found the perfect gift:

Peace on Earth! Goodwill toward man!


He danced and he celebrated

How technology had him wired!

And on the computer screen it blinked

“Some assembly required.”


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