Working freelance…

After six years with a local agent, in February this year I decided that in my situation the way forward was to go freelance. This has proved to be a liberating experience, and it’s exciting how things are developing for me with work both in Istanbul studios and recording from home.

A recent article from has focused on this very topic, with a special view to those of us with young children and how we manage to work together when recording from home.

William and I get an honourable mention – he’s recently made a couple of recordings we hope to share with you soon… and as well as developing as a performer, I have high hopes that one day I’ll have a great sound engineer… I wonder if they’ll start ProTools classes at his kindergarten?! Thanks, Stephanie Ciccarelli, for including us.

Check out the article here:

And on the subject of William, he now has a personalised URL for Facebook, so hang on over there and keep up with his news, too.

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