Istanbul Interludes – Simit

What do you know about Istanbul? It’s a much more diverse city than you probably imagine, and full of interesting opportunities. Alongside other freelance voiceover work and teaching, I have been working at the English/Turkish news channel 6News since February 2011, writing, producing, and voicing a series of short programmes designed to inform and entertain. These are shown throughout the day, every day.

While some of the early programmes were based on archive footage, here is my first full production, with thanks to a great cameraman and video editors, and a cameo “vox pop” interview from passer by you might just recognise (thanks Mehmet!)

Istanbul interludes can be seen in Turkey throughout the day on 6News (Digiturk 145), and worldwide from the 6News website… try tuning in ten minutes before the hour.

Currently being aired:

  • Beyoğlu
  • Eminönü
  • Aya Sofia
  • Sultanahmet Aquare
  • Sultanahmet (The Blue Mosque)
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Simit
  • Street Markets

Coming soon:

  • Travel on the Bosporus
  • …and many more!



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