The Oscars Petition Gets A Voice recently teamed up with a group of voice actors to create a public service announcement for the petition encouraging the Academy of Arts and Sciences to introduce a Voiceover Performance category at the Oscars.

Voice actor Andy Boyns originally brought up the idea of a PSA in a conversation with Social Media Manager, Ashley Hall. Together they approached Pablo Hernandez, a voice actor with previous experience creating PSAs, to discuss the idea and assemble a cast.

Download : Oscars VO Petition PSA (right click “…save target as…”)

Download PSA [audio:|titles=OscarsVOPetition2011]

“This was a collective effort between Pablo, Scott, Andy, Lori, Doug and myself. I am extremely pleased with the support and enthusiasm we have received from the voiceover community in regards to the Oscar Voiceover Petition,” says Ms. Hall. “All of the voiceover talent involved with this PSA project are so talented and creative. What a great group of people to work with!”

The PSA is a volunteer effort with one common goal in mind, to achieve recognition at the Oscars for the actors who give outstanding performances off-camera.

Scott Fortney, voice talent and PSA Producer, asks, “If you can get an award for sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, art direction and makeup, why are voice actors’ contributions ignored? Try watching “Toy Story 3″ with the sound muted. Not such a great story without the voice actors to bring the characters to life, is it?”

The petition is going strong with 675 signatures. hopes to reach 2000 signatures in time to present the idea for consideration before next year’s nominations are considered and the respective nominees are announced.

A true testament to the age of the Internet the project came into fruition with participants from far and wide including Puerto Rico, the UK, Canada and the USA.

Pablo Hernandez indicated, “Everything was done via e-mail and via private messages on Facebook. The entire collaboration process was really easy, all the voice actors and voice actress involved in the project are all voice over professionals that work on {these kinds} of projects.”

Click here to download the Oscars Petition PSA.

To view the petition, visit:

Cast and Credits:

Pablo Hernandez (Executive Producer & Copywriter)

Scott Fortney (VO talent & Audio Producer)

Andy Boyns (VO Talent)

Lori Taylor (VO Talent)

Doug Warner (VO Talent)


This article, written by Lin Parkin, was originally published on the online news website for the arts and entertainment industry, Voice Over Times at It is reproduced here with kind permission of

Now, please go and sign the petition!

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