It’s the way that you say it: Happy Christmas

Seasons greetings to you with some creative productions retelling the Christmas story which I hope you’ll have the chance to enjoy. Maybe Santa needs to get a new agent, as these stories of the nativity are great.

First shot has to go to some children from Auckland…

This year the continuing trend has been for both growth and development of Social Media, also enjoyed by yours truly. It certainly makes for easy access to information, and sharing, so perhaps this is how things might have developed 2010 years ago…

Facebook often gets criticised for over simplifying relationships, but there is another side…

And what’s this? A thought provoking piece… whatever next?!

And here’s the “official version” version narrated by my friend David Brower (Luke 2:1-20)


Christmas in Istanbul is a very different experience – for one we’re not bombarded by the commercial xmas. Perhaps this is why I especially appreciate the messages though this season, and of course look forward to hearing the Queen’s speech on the Royal Family Channel on YouTube.

And a final word of Seasonal Greetings orchestrated by the magnificent Terry Daniel, with a number of voice over friends…

Happy Holidays From Voice Talents Everywhere! by voiceoversbyterrydaniel

I’m grateful to those who produced these clips, and to those who shared (how else did I find them?!). But most of all I’m grateful to my friends and family, that you are… Thank you.

Happy Christmas.


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