Two for One

For me, one of the wonders of our age is that location is no longer an issue in relation to communication, and that in turn links to friendships and work. However, when I think of my global contacts I like to understand where they are in their day, as this affects how we will communicate. On her recent Vox Daily blog, Stephanie Ciccarelli reveals how I manage this using a Yahoo Widget, “World Time Digital Clock“.

Read her article here:

If time is the fourth dimension, then I’m fortunate to live in a 4D world! Stephanie quotes me saying, “In terms of relative time zones, living in Turkey is perfect. I am able to do a full day’s work before yours starts, and my free time in the evening coincides with your working day, so I can potentially have two working days for just living one. How cool is that?”

Of course this also highlights the benefits of developing business relationships both through social media and personal contact, such as the VOICE 2010 Conference. So after you’ve read the Vox Daily blog, come back here and listen to my conversation with Stephanie which we recorded in Los Angeles, this June.

One thought on “Two for One

  • Stephanie Ciccarelli

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with your audience, Andy! I too appreciate how social media and time can be used effectively to foster relationships. Thank you for sharing a virtual cup of tea yesterday. Just another example of how you can use technology to facilitate engagement and a cuppa with a good friend an ocean away 🙂

    Best wishes,


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