SaVoa – the voice over seal of quality

“Our industry is one in which location is becoming increasingly unimportant. What matters is quality: of performance and technical standard. SaVoa accreditation of these means that I, as an expatriot – living possibly thousands of miles from a new client – can confidently market myself and give the remote client assurance that my voice and home studio meet professional standards.”

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SaVoa, the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists gives “recognition of a voice over artist’s ability to provide vocally and technically proficient broadcast-quality voice over services and to conduct business in a manner that enhances the profession as a whole”. 

Compared to the quality seal found on many products, an artist’s affiliation gives the client confidence that a project will be completed to expected standards.

For more information, including details of the technical requirements for members (remember these demonstrate to the client objective standards) please visit SaVoa at

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